Talk: Experience of the East

Adventure in Siberia, Mongolia and Central Asia | 4 - 6 PM
May 5, 2024
Berlin, Deutschland, Germany

Over the past 15 years, Andreas Hülsmann has been continually heading eastward. He has covered a total of 100,000 kilometres on his tours through remote places around the world. He himself refers to it as a 'fondness for the unfamiliar', because the landscapes, such as the vastness of the Mongolian steppe, the high altitudes of the Pamirs, the ancient cities of the Silk Road or the endlessness of Siberia, are so different from what we know from Europe.

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Remote parts of the world

15 years, 14 months, 100,000 kilometres

With his presentation "Experience of the East", Andreas Hülsmann not only presents the highlights of his tours to the east, but also shows previously unpublished pictures and tells a few anecdotes, of which there were plenty along the way.

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