Talk: Todo es posible

Everything is possible on tour | 4 - 6 PM
Apr 14, 2024
Berlin, Deutschland, Germany

Todo es posible – everything is possible! This was the experience made by Lisa and Micha when they resigned from their jobs in 2022 and hatched the plan to drive from Tierra del Fuego to Alaska on their BMW motorcycles. However, as there was so much to explore in each individual country, their original plan was thrown into disarray. Like the proverb: the journey is its own reward.

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From the Wonders of this World

47,000 kilometres into paradise

After over 2 years in 11 different countries of Latin America and 47,000 kilometres on the clock, the pair are coming to the BMW Motorrad Welt to talk about the southernmost point of the Earth, its largest salt flat, and the untouched nature of the Galapagos islands.  

The event costs €15.00 and begins at 16:00. Tickets can be purchased below on this page. The event is general admission, so it will be worth your while arriving early if you want a good seat. 

If you have any questions, you can contact us at or by phone: +49 (30) 40364311-7 or +49 170 1451 443.

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